About Me

Born in the United States and raised in Dubai, United Arab Emirates I pride myself on developing a global perspective and utilizing that in every day life. This website is a platform for me to display a diverse digital portfolio that showcases both professional and personal projects related to design and multimedia. I am currently a graduating senior at the University of California, Santa Barbara studying Global Studies and Multimedia Communication and pursuing a Certificate in Marketing.

I developed my interest for the global community at a young age as I grew up surrounded by a multitude of cultures pushing me to adapt to numerous environments. Simultaneously, my interest for fashion, lifestyle and design developed due to being exposed to such a multifaceted city.

Throughout recent years I've pursued these interests in multiple internships ranging from fashion and editorial to technology communication. With strong analytical and communication skills, a strong awareness of social and cultural trends and experience working with cross-functional teams I aim to continously increase my skillset and experience portfolio in the realm of Digital Marketing/PR and Social Media.


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Email: serenemdaa@gmail.com